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          This  Art Scholarship was established at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania as a memorial to Michael, not only to honor and cherish his memory, but also to encourage the same commitment and passion to art that Michael demonstrated during his life. We also honor Rich Gmitter, Michael's dad, and my husband of 25 years, who passed away 8 months after Michael. Rich had made it his passion to create the memorial scholarship and then to achieve its funding. And, what he did with the funding was truly remarkable. When we lost Rich, the Scholarship fund that he and I had started in memory of our most beloved son, also became a way to remember Rich as well. This endowment fund continues to build and grow.  It therefore continues to offer new possibilities for acknowledging and encouraging young artists as Michael and Rich would have wished.


         It is entitled Celebrate the Artist-The Michael V Gmitter Memorial Art Scholarship. A juried award show is held each year in the Bruce Gallery at Edinboro University with eligible seniors competing for a cash reward. The cash award, based on the endowment growth, is now $3,500.00 in 2018.

Celebrate the Artist

The Michael V Gmitter Memorial Art Scholarship

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