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Michaels Art Story

Michael was a kind and gentle soul who exhibited his artistic talent at an early age. He first attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh while in grade school, and excelled in art in high school where his painting entitled "Gentleman’s Wharf" won an award.


In the Spring of 2006, Michael won the Eclectic Etceteras Coffee House Arts and Crafts Scholarship award at Edinboro University for metals/jewelry design. Michael’s creativity was exhibited with many media, however in his Junior year of college his interest in metals and jewelry design became his true focus.


Michael did wonderful work with his hands and often spoke through his creations. He had a great passion for eclectic art, trends and edgy fashion and this was exhibited in his own personal style. His exterior showed a young man of artistic spirit and style and on the inside there was a heart of purest gold. His genuine personality and unique charm made him loved by many.


Michael wore a tattoo on the left side of his body that was the first part of the Victor Hugo quote,

"The supreme happiness in life is the conviction we are loved, loved tor ourselves or rather loved in spite of ourselves". This quote can also be found on a metal plate on one of his tool boxes, a tracing lamp, note books, as well as embedded in his artwork. It had a special meaning to him and it has taken on a special meaning to his family and friends.

An Art Scholarship was established at Edinboro University as a memorial to Michael, not only to honor and cherish his memory, but also to encourage the same commitment and passion to art that Michael demonstrated during his life. It is entitled "Celebrate the Artist-The Michael V Gmitter Memorial Art Scholarship. A juried award show is held each year in the Bruce Gallery at Edinboro University with eligible seniors competing for a cash reward. You can click below to see the past winners of this very special award.

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